Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunday 6th to Monday 14th April

Have I lost a week?

Saturday 5th

Toilets at 3 Swans

Sunday 6th

"The man who knew too much".

Monday 7th

The toilets at the Thai restaurant that we always go to. Never been in the look before!

Tuesday 8th

The Vyne - been here before, but first time to the adventure playground which is built into the ground, making it very "green"! Also went into the shop and the toilets and then got a terrific tutting at because I asked one of the members of staff if I could put something in their bin!

Wednesday 9th

The all-new Community Furniture Project!

Thursday 10th

I can't remember! Can't have been very exciting!

Friday 11th

The Lonsdale Hotel in Bowness plus dinner at the Golden Fortune restaurant.

SAturday 12th

A magnificent walk with ferry ride across Lake Windermere to the top of the hill before stopping by a pub called the Cuckoo Brow Inn. Then Beatrix Potter's Hilltop house before a meal at the General Burgoyne on the other side of WIndermere.

The inspiration for Mr McGregor's garden!

Sunday 13th

Petrol station in Bowness plus I pushed a car and caravan off the inside lane of the M6!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday 24th to Sunday 30th March


Meet me in St Louis.


Wooburn Green and Hughendon

Hughendon - home of Prime Minister Disraeli

Disraeli's office- as it was when he used it.


I did a talk in Marlborough. Notably this talk was not on the town's car parking spaces - my new thing was wedging my car in between a hedge and a parking space, miles from the town centre.


The new zip wire in the park and the back of Caffe Nero.


The party room at the gym?!


A nice sunny drink in a pub garden I'd not been into before.


A short cut back from Snelsmore


Sunday, March 23, 2014

2nd March to 23rd March

Argh so busy that I can't remember everything. And to be honest, not all of the new things I did were as memorable as other stuff I've got going on.

So from memory, Gosport figured the weekend before last; a revamp workshop and a haircut at Bravo.

Will do better next week!

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Monday 24th February to SUnday 2 March


A trip to the health visitor's office. First and last time I hope!


TWO! visits to Audley Inglewood today! Had a visit upstairs in one of the apartments. If I were 55 and had more cash.....


A homely and calm hotel in Montparnasse, Paris called Hotel de la Paiz followed by a relaxing drink in La Chope Daguerre - one of my favourite Paris neighbourhoods. Had dinner in another café in Daguerre.


Bad an embarrassing breakfast opposite Montparnasse station. Then quickly forgotten as we met our lovely friends and took the bus to Jardin Des Plantes where we strolled through the animals, admiring them all and chatting. Except little one who took no notice at all. Even of this....

What is it??

Lunch at La Baleine at les jardins, then a lovely walk around 4eme.


Took little man to Montmartre to get his portrait done. However, I had a funny feeling when I got there -what if I didn't like the picture and it put me off my son? :D

Instead, we went into a café where they ignored us for 20 minutes. This did not go down with little man, so we went to the café next door. CAn't remember if it was new though as had a feeling I'd been here before with MrM!

Later...a packed waiting room at Reading :(


Our allotment!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday 17th to Sunday 23rd February


Had to nip to the look at the office in town.


Café Rouge toilets!


Institute of Directors


Rained - watched the Lady Vanishes


Somerset Close to drop something off.


Day out in Salisbury - coffee in M&S, a swift exit from BHS café to find proper food and customer service in Café ROuge. Visited all of the charity shops and the giant Waitrose.


Airport run - swung by Reading services and went to Costa as I've never been in there before.

Monday 10th to Sunday 16th February


An office in town!


Carphone Warehouse


A new pilates class




Bastable Brothers in Kintbury


Darts Farm, Exeter


A proper look at the allotments including checking out the sheds!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monday 3rd to Sunday 9th February


Bored to Death - a boxset lent to us by a friend that I'd never got round to watching. Quite funny and has Ted Danson in it, so just the thing for a wet Sunday.


McBaby escaped as I was dropping a bag off at the Red Cross Shop so I had to retrieve him from the staff toilet which wasn't a new thing I'd ever intended to do. Also, thanks to the joys of social media, I found out last minute that the lovely Seth Lakeman was doing an in-store at Azusa/Sound Knowledge in Marlborough so the car park behind the venue was my new thing. Not with Seth though.


Waited in all morning for a hairdresser who didn't show up, so had to buy Tonic Elderflower as our new thing.


Quick walk around the block as it started pouring, so chanced upon an alleyway that provided a bit of shelter.


Celly's Hair in Newbury - £9.90 for everything - I shall return!


An office in Hungerford for a chat with a hypnotherapist/therapist.


More rain! Does sheltering under someone's garage count?


The back of the Bacon Arms and into the restaurant.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

27th January to 2nd Feb

How can there be any more rain up there?

It means new things were a bit dull ranging from a new yoga class (I still can't work nearly a week later) to the top of the town hall.

The best new thing of the week was the Blisland Inn, Bodmin: