Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Monday 14th to Sunday 20th July


I finished Gone Girl which is out as a film soon starring Rosemund Pike and Ben Affleck. If I had the means to go the cinema, I would definitely be going to see that!


I finished Capital by John Lanchester which was an interesting social survey about life today, but not quite as exciting as I thought it would be....


Upstairs at the swish new Barclays in Parkway.


Academy Sport in Whitley for a meeting. Interesting meeting, but what was far more notable was the hints at 1960s architecture in this vast, vast building. Is it just me, or does this font capture a bygone age?


As you know, I've seen Mark Thomas many times, but new thing was his latest show which I think is going to be called "Cuckooed" - a review will follow (hopefully it will appear in the local paper first!) - it was amazing. Although having said that, I can't think of any of his performances that were less than awesome and inspiring.


Guinness crisps - a busy day, best I could do.


Dog's Trust - the cabin at the back and the café.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Monday 7th to Friday 11th July


Accidentally went to garden shed outlet.


The Co-op in Thatcham


Tadley golf club overlooking the course.


Oxford Road, Reading - charity shops.


Next door! Man, it's much nicer than our house!


Friend's car



Sunday, July 06, 2014

Monday 30 June to Sunday 6 July


Another office on Reading


The Oakwood Centre in Woodley for a meeting


the Museum of Rural Life in Reading


The Mill Pub in Thatcham


the men's changing room at the gym - there is s reason for this!


the tennis club in town (even got a game unexpectedly - look out Bouchard!


A back road in Marlborough looking for a petrol station

Monday 24 June to Sunday 29 June


Mortimer St John's school for the launch of beat the street in Mortimer, Theale and Pangbourne.


Mandarin court takeaway in Thatcham


In light of the guy who got stuck inside a certain statue, this is s bit embarrassing but the Mcbsby and I climbed inside a statue in Greenham.


Burdwood Surgery and the film I don't know how she does it. Not the best film in the world but it's got the gorgeous Greg Kinnear and the lovely Pierce Brosnan and deals with being a working mum, against a photogenic background of Boston so not ashamed to have watched before watching the last hour on ITV plus 1 afterwards.


The big boss' office for a meeting


A client's house!


The science museum !

Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday 9th to Sunday 15th June

New things this week.....

*The CResCent Centre in Wokingham for a carers' week event. Those errant capital letters weren't a cat walking over the keyboard but stand for Community Resource Centre. Speaking to carers who cope with having to look after a loved one 24-7 nearly broke my heart. "We're just waiting for death" one of them said.*

*Fords Farm - thought I'd see what the radio station looked like on my way home*

*The smallest meeting room in the world - three of us in there talking seriously to each other about important matters as if we weren't ridiculously close to each other! - Not a "new thing" as such but about 11pm, was driving along a moonlit back road and happened to be underneath an owl carrying a mouse for miles, and miles and miles. Ah nature.*

*St Laurence's Church in Reading for another carers' week event. Again, heart was broken by the people I met - a husband and wife who had been married for 65 years and said: "We care for each other." And what could be done to help you, I asked. "More events like this," they said.

St Laurence's Churchyard

Reading park

*New Co-Op in Newbury*

*A BRAND new festival! I'd seen a lot of the acts before so not much new- but I hadn't seen Rodney Branigan before. Check this out at about 2.14. He is playing TWO guitars at once! I can't even play one!

*Damaging my car by opening the boot in a very small car park! Waitrose Dorchester! A warning would have been useful!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Monday 2nd to Sunday 8th June

New things this week were:

* The new houses where the Blue Ball pub used to be

*Prospect Park by bike

*The Workhouse, Tesco's Costa in Tilehurst

*Asda, Tilehurst and the film Frances Ha

*Back roads down to the Bottle Inn, Marshwood

*Colonial Restaurant at Abbotsbury

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Monday 26th May to Sunday 1st June

This week, our new things are

* visiting the Outside Chance pub in Manton, as well as the lovely Red Lion pub in Axford *

* The Winepress at Donnington Valley - sadly just stuck my head around the door, not a meal *

* A meeting room at the very top of the building I'm working in at present *

*The downstairs toilet at work (this was not an exciting day, as you may guess) *

*The Wokingham Times office*

*The gym at the LIving Well at the Newbury Hilton *

*Douai Abbey in Woolhampton *

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Monday 19th to Sunday 25th May

This week, life's new things have been...

- A new contract in Reading including the office, the toilet and the wrong lift!

-The post room!

- A meeting room!

-Chalfont Surgery

-Newbury Business Park

-Working Girl (from 1988!)which I found on Film4

-The new GFX gym in Marlborough for Body Balance. Highly recommended - only three of us with a lovely teacher. Not too challenging and felt very stretched and supple afterwards.