Sunday, November 02, 2008

Levellers and A LOT of cider!

Stretching my new things a bit because my new thing was going to the toilets in O'Neill's in Euston and also to the toilets at the British Library, but still a memorable day and that is the point of this exercise! We'd had a pretty awful week so had booked to see Mark and Simon from the Levellers perform at the British Library as part of the Taking LIberties Exhibition as the one thing to look forward to. We happened to be getting in some pre-gig drinks in at O'Neills across the road and saw them both in there and had a very nice chat with both of them, although the three pints of cider I drank meant that I was somewhat gushing in my assessment of them much to their embarrassment! Anyway, saw Dan le Sac and Scroobius Pip who were both excellent and very witty before Mark and SImon performed a short set including Levs favourites that I'd never heard live before including Cardboard Box City, Is this Art alongside other favourites like What a Beautiful Day and Carry Me.

New things were the M&S on the A40 and the foyer of Chesham town hall – a much better day than is indicated here!

Little Missenden for a very short walk as one of the footpaths was blocked for a shoot of both the pigeon and the film kind. Also drove through Holmer Green.

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